Lulu Direct charges for the print cost of each book ordered. Because Lulu Direct fulfills orders using print-on-demand technology, you won’t have to prepay for any of our print services. 

When an order is placed for a Product connected to Lulu Direct, Lulu will charge you for the printing and shipping & handling costs, along with a small fulfillment fee and applicable taxes. Once these costs are paid, the order will move to fulfillment and Lulu Direct will handle printing and shipping for you.

Estimating Profit

Profit is estimated by taking the retail price your customers pay and subtracting what you are paying Lulu on a per-order basis. To determine the retail price for your Lulu Direct products, calculate what you will pay Lulu for production and shipping, then add the profit you want to make.

See the tables below as an example (excluding taxes):



Shipping & Handling:


Fulfillment fee:


Your cost:


Your retail price:


Your cost:


Your profit:


Note: You are responsible for setting your retail prices. Estimates may vary if you are charging your customers in a currency other than the currency you selected for your Lulu account.