Ecommerce platforms vet the apps and plug-ins used on their sites to ensure they meet certain usability standards. This does not ensure that other apps or plug-ins will function correctly with Lulu Direct. Prior to using any apps or plug-ins alongside Lulu Direct, we strongly suggest creating several test orders first to ensure the app or plug-in is compatible with Lulu Direct. 


At this time, we do not have a feature in Lulu Direct which allows for creating bundles. This can be achieved through the use of a third-party app, however, and there are several apps and plugins available through ecommerce platforms which will allow you to sell products as a bundle.


Please note, if two books are ordered in the same transaction by one customer, they will ship together, regardless of whether they are bundled in your store’s listing.

If you are utilizing a third-party app or plugin for bundles, upselling, or anything else, and are experiencing errors or unexpected behavior from Lulu Direct, we suggest testing Lulu Direct with all apps and plug-ins turned off or disconnected.