By default, all orders are automatically shipped via the lowest trackable shipping method, and there are no settings you need to adjust on Lulu. Our shipping cost is determined by the project specifications, shipping destination, shipping method, and quantity.


Shipping by Product Weight

These shipping instructions will affect your entire store. If you are only fulfilling Lulu products, then this is our recommended solution for setting up shipping.

One determining factor we use to calculate the shipping cost is the quantity. Wix does not have a quantity-based shipping option; however, it does have Weight by Rate. Therefore, we can determine the quantity of an order if we set the weight of each product to 1 lb. 

For example, if an order has 5 lbs of books, we can determine there are 5 books in the order.

First, navigate to the product page in Wix. Next, scroll down to Inventory and Shipping and set the weight to 1 lb.

Be sure to do this for each product.

Next, go to the Wix settings page and select Shipping & Fulfillment.

You must set up shipping for each Region to which you will be fulfilling orders. For this example we will focus on setting up shipping for the US.

To find the estimated shipping and handling cost you will be charged, open a new browser window or tab and navigate to the Lulu Pricing Calculator. After you enter your project specifications, click Quantity & Shipping Estimates. Select a Destination Countrythen select the lowest trackable method. The Shipping & Handling cost for that specific shipping method (excluding taxes) will be listed. You will need to keep this window/tab open for reference when setting your shipping price.

Return to your Wix settings page, click Add Region, and select United States. Under Select how shipping is calculated, select Rate by Weight. Enter in a Shipping Option name. For this example, I'll use Mail as it is the cheapest trackable shipping option within the United States.

Each book weighs 1 lb. Therefore, you will set up the Weight Range for 1 book between 0 and 1 lb. Enter the cost of shipping for 1 book based on what we give you in the pricing calculator. Repeat this process for each weight by clicking Add Range and adjusting the weight range accordingly.

We recommend setting up rates based on quantity groups, as it can be a time consuming process to set up rates for each quantity. For example set up rates for 1 copy, 2 copies, 3 to 5 compues, 6 to 10 copies, 11 to 20 copies, and so on. That means for 3 to 5 copies, set the Weight Range for 3 to 5 lbs.


The last rate will be for any number of books above a specific weight. We recommend setting up shipping rate ranges until the quantity exceeds what you believe anyone would order. If you are concerned about someone ordering a very large quantity of your books, you can set the shipping rate to a high price.

You'll need to repeat this process for each Region to which we will be shipping your orders. 

You can group countries together to make larger shipping regions. We recommend looking at the shipping cost for each country you plan on including in a group, and charge shipping rates based on the highest rate.

What if I Have More Than Just Lulu Direct Products That Need to be Shipped?

If you are shipping more than just Lulu Direct Products, we recommend including some or all of our shipping costs in the retail price of your products. Wix does not have a way to set up quantity-based shipping for a specific product group natively. You can set up shipping based on a flat rate for a product group, but it will not scale based on quantity. Therefore, including some or all of the shipping cost into the retail price will help compensate for any potential cost difference based on your current shipping settings.