There are two options when connecting a Lulu Project to Lulu Direct. You can either create a brand new Product in Lulu Direct, or you can connect an existing Store Product to Lulu Direct.


Getting Started

To connect a Product to Lulu Direct, you will first need to create a Project through your Lulu account. For more information on getting started, please see the Book Creation Guide below, and visit the Print Book: How To section of our Knowledge base.

Note: Before getting started, ensure that your project's title is less than 80 characters in length. Connecting a project with a title exceeding this character limit will result in an error.

Creating a new Product

Once you have connected a Project to your Lulu account, click My Stores on navigation menu at the top of the page. Click on your active store, and on the page that follows, click “Add Product.” 

In the Add Product form, select your Lulu Project from the drop-down menu, and fill out the required information. Lastly, click “Add Product.” 

Your Product will immediately be available for sale in your store. 

Note: Revenue is estimated based on the retail price you set for your product minus the Lulu print cost. This doesn't include shipping, the per-order fulfillment fee, or taxes.

Connecting an existing Product

To connect a Lulu Project to an existing Store Product, visit the Lulu Direct page and select Stores on the Lulu Direct navigation menu at the top of the page. Click on your active store, and on the page that follows, click “Add Product.”

Select the Lulu project you want to connect to your store from the "Select a Lulu Project" drop-down, then choose your already-existing Product from the drop-down beneath that. The description will carry over from the description you added to the Product when you created it. 

Once you have selected your Project and Product, click Connect. Your Lulu Direct product will immediately become available for sale in your store.

Note: When connecting an existing store product, please be aware the product fulfillment will be updated to use Lulu Direct. If this is not your intention, connect/create a new product for your store.