The Production Delay is the time between when a newly created order is paid for and when it is sent to our production facilities. You can update the Production Delay period for your Lulu Direct app orders on your app settings page.  The default delay is 60 minutes and the maximum delay period is 1440 minutes (or 24 hours).

Note: Extending the Production Delay will give you more time to cancel an order. Once an order begins production, it can no longer be canceled. If you cancel an order because you need to make changes to the order, you can then duplicate the original order from the Shopify Orders dashboard with the revised information.

To update your Production Delay time, go to Apps > Lulu Direct > More Actions > Settings, then scroll to the Production delay time settings.

Click “Update,” then adjust your production delay as you would like. Click “Save” when you have made your desired adjustments, and your changes will take effect immediately.